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Conexus Law is a North London law firm specialising in the technology sector, particularly built technology, technology infrastructure, digital business and emerging technologies.

The existing website failed to convey Conexus's technological expertise, so Conexus commissioned LYD to design and build a new WordPress website to highlight their specialisation and international reach.

After an initial review of the existing website, we began discussing the client's requirements and creating wireframe models to give the Conexus team an idea of the new website's structure.

The new website's structure would be more extensive than the original and would contain an in-depth section with featured insights, insight collections and ad-hoc insights categorised by sector, service and type. The specialist sectors would have dedicated pages, with the service offerings arranged on a single page.

Once an agreement was reached, we began working on prototypes to determine the new site's visual direction. Simple typographic pages with solid background colours became a key focus of the new website. These pages were supported by colour and monochrome images and a suite of icons to denote the service offerings on other pages.

The homepage features dramatic images of cities in which Conexus operate, interspersed with technology images that change every time the user visits the website, creating the impression of a company in which nothing stays still.

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Wireframes, Prototyping, UI and UX design, development of responsive website, data integration