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Scoop is an operating partner to several real estate funds and a leading real estate asset and development manager, focusing on the rejuvenation and repositioning of major retail assets.

With a minimal digital presence, our challenge was to beef-up Scoop's online visibility by redesigning their website and bring continuity to their visual communications by developing guidelines for their existing corporate identity.


We focused initially on restructuring the website using wireframes before developing prototypes, whilst we worked simultaneously on developing how we could give the brand a coherent look across other marketing collateral.

The final results included a greatly enhanced website featuring detailed services offering and sections dedicated to projects and news; a brand guideline book that illustrated how visual elements from the brand could be brought together; plus Powerpoint templates to refresh the presentations.

The website can be viewed here.

What we did

Website Design

Brand Guidelines




Scoop Brand Book Cover 1920px
Scoop Brand Book Page 3 1920px
Scoop Brand Book Page 5 1920px
Scoop Brand Book Page 6 1920px
Scoop Brand Book Page 12 1920px
Scoop Icon Selection 1920px 01
Scoop Website Mobile Menu test 1920
Scoop Website Mobile Projects 1920
Scoop Website Desktop Home 1920px
Scoop Website Desktop Services 1920px
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