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Outbenz is an outsourced employee benefit and insurance services organisation for international start-ups and fast growth companies.

Approached by them to design an identity that could evolve, as the company grows into new markets. We developed an identity that positioned OutBenz, not as a support mechanism to rapid growth companies, but as a company that’s central to the way in which others function.

For OutBenz to achieve this it needs to be fluid and highly responsive in the way it operates. Expanding where necessary and reaching out where required by fostering and developing ideas that help rapidly expanding companies prosper. 

The lava graphic embodies this thought process, as it represents a form that is forever changing, never static and always adapting to new challenges.

Outbenz Identity
Outbenz identity in Greyscale
Outbenz Business Cards

The team at LYD did a great job developing an identity for my new business. They were responsive, flexible and easy to work with - and the logo they developed brings to life the nature of my business in a playful and contemporary way. I'd happily recommend them.

Alan Frei / Director

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Identity Design

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