Navisite Wall Graphic 1506X817


Office Graphics

NaviSite's European headquarters is located in the heart of Surbiton, with stunning views over South West London.

Working alongside the client, LYD was asked to develop a series of office graphics for this new location. This included the fitting out of key spaces, including the conference room, dining area and main office. 

The end result was a series of stunning wall graphics featuring Inky, Blinky, Clyde and Pinky from Pacman. A large detailed map with NaviSite's data centres highlighted, plus stunning photographs of cloud formations in the conference room.   

All designed to create a stimulating work environment.

Naviste Digital Map Office Graphic 1200 Wide Min
Naviste Digital Map Office Graphic 2 1200 Wide Min
Naviste Pacman Wall Graphics In Dining Area 1200 Wide Min
Naviste Cloud Office Graphics 1200 Wide Min

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