Navisite, part of Spectrum Enterprise, is a leading international provider of Managed Cloud services, including Managed Multi-Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Office 365 and Managed Applications; and they are involved in accelerating IT transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands.

Navisite required LYD to design exhibition graphics for several key technology shows around the UK, including the Cloud Expo Europe Show at Excel. And following the success of this project, we were asked to design office graphics and case study posters to be used in key spaces at their European headquarters, to create a fun and vibrate working environment.


Working alongside the client, we worked on the 12m x 5m exhibition stand, featuring backlit walls, seating areas, display stations, a secret mouse and cheese and a cloud environment made of Lego.

And following the success of this project, we designed a series of office graphics and case study posters for the conference room, dining area and central office at their European headquarters.

The results were a series of stunning wall graphics featuring Inky, Blinky, Clyde and Pinky, from the retro computer game Pacman, in the staff canteen. A large detailed pixelated global map with Navisite's data centres highlighted on magnetic strips was positioned behind a fun Lego structure in the central office area.

The magnetic graphics were also used for brainstorming and announcements on a separate wall. And in the main conference room, stunning photographic images of cloud formulations fit across the entire wall.

What we did

Exhibition design

Office graphics


NAV 3388 Exhibition FINAL FULLVIEW 1920
NAV 3388 Exhibition FINAL COLUMNS HIDDEN 1920
Navisite Exhibition Display 1920
Navisite Mouse Cheese 01
Navisite Presentation What We do
Navisite Presentation Where We Are
Navisite Pac Man Walls
Navisite Offices
Naviste Global Map In Office
Navisite Case Study Posters 1920

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