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JPW Real Estate is an advisory and property services business providing expertise to a diverse client base.

Following a merger between J Peiser Wainwright and JJ Homes in 2015, LYD provided expert advice in repositioning JPW Real Estates as a provider of both commercial and residential services in the property sector.

Working with JPW Real Estates, we developed an identity to reflect this merger, before working on a new website that rationalised the existing service offerings of both companies. The finished website divided into residential and commercial sectors shows the expertise of both merged companies.

The outcome is a bolder clearer vision of the company’s service capabilities and identity.

Jpw Identity
JPW - Brand Identity
Property Presentation Box
JPW Tenants Brochure
JPW - Mobile Website Views
Jpw Real Estate Website Tablet 1
JPW - Tablet Website View
Jpw Real Estate Homepage
Jpw Real Estate Commercial Services

Project Deliverables

Brand Strategy
Brand creation and identity development

Graphic Design
Design of Brochure, Direct Mail and Powerpoint presentation templates

Prototyping, UI and UX design, development of responsive website on a CraftCMS platform

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