Clever Together


Clever Together help clients to understand and solve complex issues to improve and sustain organisational performance.

Using crowdsourcing and a network of analysts, creatives, strategists and innovators, Clever Together help organisations to adapt and innovate quickly.


Working with Clever Together for several years, we've worked on a range of projects with them, primarily within the healthcare space, that showcases their findings and key messaging.

More recently, this has included an infographic and illustrations for a video focusing on people working in health and social care in the Midlands, inviting them to have a 'Big Conversation' about wellbeing by sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences in a safe and anonymous environment.

The video can be seen here

What we did




Be Well West Midlands 1
Be Well West Midlands 2
Be Well West Midlands 4
Be Well West Midlands 6
Be Well Storyboard Frame 1
Be Well Storyboard Frame 2
Be Well Storyboard Frame 3
Be Well Storyboard Frame 4
Be Well Storyboard Frame 5

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