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London Child Poverty Report for the Childhood Trust

As part of our ongoing relationship with The Childhood Trust, we were responsible for the London Child Poverty Report. It’s not a document that makes for easy reading and nor should it.

The Child Poverty Report highlights the problem of child poverty to key stakeholders in positions to influence change. It’s not a document that makes for easy reading, nor should it be. It’s a damning reflection of the deprivation in large parts of London.

London, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the UK. And it continues to experience a demonstrable increase in child poverty, with 60% of children living in poverty from households with at least one working adult.

The report highlights this in detail, alongside the daily impact of poverty amongst children now, and into their future. All of which is something that’s beyond the ability of children to change.

On the positive side, the report discusses excellent examples of organisations that, despite the financial challenge, work tirelessly to alleviate childhood poverty in London. And the authors set out some recommendations on how to reduce child poverty in London.

At LYD, we’re happy to support The Childhood Trust by using our skills to continue highlighting the debate around childhood poverty in London.

This report, along with our work on the ‘Holidays from Hell’ poverty report, has been featured in The Times, The Evening Standard, The Metro and Channel 4 News.

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