Our Story

Born in a ladies' loo in High Wycombe

It started with a slap. Two actually.

At a photoshoot starring a famous TV chef's wife, she lashed out twice, and I wasn't quick enough to get out of the way. I didn't do anything to deserve it, but I was having one of those days.

Things had already got off to a bad start when the products to be photographed were late. We needed a stand-in object to test the lighting levels, so as art director, it was my job to find it. I looked everywhere until there was only one place left: the ladies' toilets.

Which is where I found both a suitable prop, and a name for the agency I would start years later. A little yellow duck came to the rescue that day to solve a tricky creative challenge, and I like to think that's exactly what we do for you.

And I know what you’re wondering: What triggered the double slap attack, and who dispensed the blows? Well, drop me an email and I might tell you.

Oh, and my advice on how to avoid being walloped? Duck.

Rubberduck On Loo


We know what we're doing. We've got years of experience producing great work for clients including Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard and Mercedes Benz.

But don't just choose us because of what we've done in the past. Pick us because we've got a real handle on the innovations that will shape the future of marketing and design.

Traditional methods of going to market still hold true, but the world around us is evolving rapidly. The growth of the digital environment has changed the game and now creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics can all make a huge impact at low-cost.

Take growth hacking, which enables young companies to launch lean and focus on building a user base first, budgets second. Just one example of why you no longer have to be bigger than your rivals. You just have to be better.

And we can make you better. Much better.


Brand Strategy
From purpose to definition and delivery

Brand Creation
Naming and brand identity development, through to brand guidelines and implementation

Press Advertising, Direct Mail, Packaging, Infographics and Powerpoint Presentations

All the collateral required to create the right experience for your brand

Digital Innovation
Digital strategy, Web design and development, Web applications and CRM database integration.