October 28th, 2020

Yes, we've got big news to announce. Big, big news. Basically, we’ve been appointed to work on an incredibly exciting project. But we can't say a word about it. Not a peep. Nowt. Even though it's pretty much blown our socks off.

Now just to be clear, the product we're working on doesn't actually blow your socks off. It's not some kind of explosive-based clothing remover. But it might as well be, because it's that awesome. Imagine never having to bend down to take your socks off again. Life-changing.

And the thing is, we're probably skirting close to breaking the 100-page non-disclosure agreement just by saying it's nothing to do with socks. We need to be so tight-lipped that even telling you what it definitely isn't might be too much of a hint. Maybe now that we've ruled out socks, you'll be able to work it out by a process of elimination. Oh no! We've said too much.

Ok, let's not get carried away. I think we're still abiding by the rules. Just.

But you can see the frustration. We're really proud to be working on this thing (let's call it a thing, just in case 'product' it too specific), and we think other potential clients would be really impressed, to the point of asking us to work on their ‘things’ too. Because in this industry, there's no doubt that if you've worked on impressive things, for clients famous for doing impressive things, other people will decide you're impressive enough to work on their impressive things.

If there's one thing more damaging to a business than breaking an NDA, it's being convicted of murder.

Except the most impressive things are always the most mysterious. And by jingo, this one's good. So we're keeping schtum.

If we told you, we'd have to kill you. Well, we wouldn't really. If there's one thing more damaging to a business than breaking an NDA, it's being convicted of murder. That's something else you'd probably want to keep off the ‘about’ page of your website.

So there you go. We can tell you we're doing a thing. We can drop a hint that it's not about socks, and we can reassure you that we're not about to commit murder. But that's about it.

Which is why we've written this blog. To tell you nothing, but in a way that shows that there's definitely something somewhere. Jerry Seinfeld famously wrote a sitcom about nothing. John Cage wrote a song with no sound. So here's our version: a blog about nothing.

Got it? Good. Now off you go, and don't say a word of this to anyone.