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Marketing. Who needs it?

February 21st, 2019

It’s a question we’re often asked by busy, profitable companies who see little point in marketing when they and their customers are happy.

It’s a good question. And the reason why we produced this piece of print communication in response.

Because marketing isn’t just something you do when you need the business. It’s what you do to keep business. Or to recruit good people. Or to find out what your competitors are doing. As well as finding out if there’s anything you could be doing better, or more profitably. 

Inspired by a quote from one famous entrepreneur that, “To stand still in business is to go backwards. And quickly!” We used the visual metaphor of a race because we wanted clients, and potential clients, to think of marketing as the training partner who’s going to get you fitter, faster and leaner. And keep you ahead of your rivals. 

Employing the illustrative skills of the great Dan Woodger. We produced a broadsheet foldout that opens out with crucial messages at each stage of the foldout process reinforcing why companies need to market themselves. 

We hope our clients, and potential ones, enjoy this colourful, light-hearted piece of communication.

If you’d like to request a copy drop us an email on info@littleyellowduck.co.uk and we’ll send you one.

Marketing. Who needs it? Brochure fully opened