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Looking for a design agency, no questions asked?

June 23rd, 2016

Hey, are you one of those entrepreneurs who’s come up with a completely genius idea that you want to take to market?

You are? In that case, have you got time for some questions? In fact, can we ask you quite a few?

So what is it? An app? An online service? A retail brand?

And you say it’s something you just know will be an incredible success? You have that overwhelming gut feeling that people are going to absolutely love it? Yes? It’s going to be bigger than Google, is it?

Well you should go for it then, shouldn’t you? No time to lose, right?

You sure?


Wouldn’t it be worth giving it a bit more thought than that? You know – question things a bit ?

Like, how about starting with ‘why’? Why will people want it?

You’re not going to tell me they just will, are you? What’s the genuine problem it will solve for them? There definitely is one, isn’t there?

Sorry, is this all a bit too much? You want to pause a second and get your thoughts together?

Thing is, you want to succeed, don’t you?

And remember that website you wanted? And the print marketing? And the digital banner ads? And, er..., what else was there? Am I right in thinking there's a whole list of assets you’re after?

All useful stuff, but do you actually need them, or is it just because that’s what everyone else seems to have? Honestly?

See where I’m coming from?

You’re not mistaking my questions for disinterest or cynicism are you, by the way? You know we’re asking exactly because we want to help you make a great product, right?

Why don’t you ask our other clients – the ones we maybe drove a little mad at first because we challenged them on absolutely everything, but who say they learned so much by the process and ended up with a stronger offer?

One company even said they chose to work with us over our rivals because we were the only ones to ask them why – can you believe that?

So what do you think? Ready to work together on this idea of yours?

Scrutinise the heck out of every tiny detail until you’re unstoppable?

Sound good?

Great – any questions?