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A word to the wise

January 16th, 2018

I can’t write. Not properly.

Sure, I can string sentences together. Maybe rattle off a white paper. Perhaps even email out a pun-filled Christmas party invite.

But that’s not proper writing. I’m talking about the kind of writing you’re willing to bet your business on. Your website. Your marketing. The stuff designed to impress customers. The really important stuff.

I head up the LYD design agency, a place that thrives on creativity. But I won’t pretend I can write with creativity.

Which is why I’m not even writing this blog.

I keep saying ‘I’ here, but it’s not actually me. I hired a copywriter to compose this for me.

I always do if I want something expertly written. Because copywriters bring ideas to life in a way a non-writer simply can’t. I brief them on what I want to say, we talk it through, then they come back to me with their thoughts. And in return, I smile, thank them, and pay the invoice.

Yet so many companies would rather just do it themselves. How hard can it be, they say. Nobody understands our offering better than us, they say.

Well I’m sorry, but that’s not enough. That’s like saying I know all the rules of football, so I’m ready for the Premier League. There’s a big difference between knowing you must score a goal, and having the talent to do it.

You need a copywriter to translate knowledge into something that excites and engages your readers. You need them to absolutely nail it. That’s a real skill, and just because you know how to hit spell-check doesn’t mean you’ve got it.

You need them right at the heart of any communications project too, not just as an after-thought. Don’t have a crack yourself, then bring them in hours from deadline to tidy up the mess. You’re just wasting your time, and your money.

So hire a copywriter. Please. There are some great ones to choose from – all approachable, friendly folk. Jon Ryder, Nick Swallow, Shelley Smith and Phil Pinn are a few names that spring to mind.

They will add enormous value to your business.

They will make sure you really connect with your audience.

They will help you sell.

And they will make you much more money than you ever spend on them.

Mark my words: you’ll absolutely love theirs.

Illustration by the ridiculously talented Katie Browne