We start by

Magnifying Glass Minimum 250X250

Researching you and your company.

(We've patented this technique Reading™.)

Client Chair 250X250 Minimum

Inviting you to a face-to-face meeting, to see if we'd enjoy working together.

(Using our Chair™ and Desk™ collaboration tools.)

Hearing Device Minimum 250X250

Learning more about your project, what you’re trying to achieve and the challenges ahead.

(We like to call this Talking™ and Listening™.)

Custard Cream Minimum 250X250

Seeing what’s wrong, what’s right and enjoying plenty of custard creams.

Garden Gnome Minimum 250X250

Discussing your family and pets, and showing you the office gnome. Then getting serious again.

Cash Register Minimum 250X250

Setting out the practicalities of the project, responsibilities and budgets.

(Or as we prefer, documenting Who™ does What™ When™.)

Chicken Knitting Minimum 250X250

Coming up with the brilliant idea and turning it into a reality.

(Just Doing It™ – trademark disputed due to legal issues.)

Pressure Gauge Minimum 250X250

Evaluating the success of the project. Were the goals achieved, and what happens next?

(The entire Process™ in microcosm, combining Reading™, Talking™ and Listening™ to measure What™ was done by Who™ When™.)

We appreciate some of these terms are very technical, so if you have any questions, sorry…, Questions™, just call us on 020 8819 6092.