Direct Mail Design

It’s the digital era. So who needs direct mail?

The truth is you do. And why? Because of customers, that’s real people to you and me, value physical mail even in the digital era, but don’t take our word for it.

In a study by Nielsen direct marketing mail was opened and its contents read by 84.5% of recipients. Compare that to your email open results. Significantly, the study discovered that people are twice as more likely to recommend a product or service after receiving information about it in the post than compared with email.

Perhaps even more surprising is that younger audiences see personalised direct mail as more valuable than email.

For years we’ve known that targeted direct mail works, but it has been put to one side because of costs, in a favour of cheap, fast and cheerful email.

Direct Mail has the advantage of communicating specific messages to specific audiences. It works by displaying that message in a highly visual, concise and engaging manner. And that’s where we come in. 

It's why the likes of Buzzback, Capital One, Quantel, Direct Line, Norwich Union, Interoute, Polycom Video Conferencing, BP and Hewlett-Packard have used our skills to get results.

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